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Jake: But aren’t you immortal?
PB: Yes, but only with the spoon of prosperity.
Jake: Well were is it?
 PB: Here, inside the vase!
Jake: Well use it!
PB:I can’t, the sppon already lost it’s juice.
Jake: Is, there a other way?
PB: Yes, but i don’t want you guys to risk yourselves for that spoon.
Jake: Why not?!?
PB: I said no! Please, the only way to get the sppon is someone risking thereselves to get it.
 *Jake worried face*
PB: It’s ok Jake.
PB: I’ll be fine for now. *hug
PB: The most important thing is don’t tell Finn.
Jake: But..
PB: Jake, you made me a promise.
Jake: Fine.
 FP: Princess, are you alright?
PB: Flame princess! Come in.
FP: PB i need to talk to you, about something personal.

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